Yak Ridge provides an agricultural setting that allow visitors to learn about growing and raising fresh, healthy, and delicious food. The acreage includes a small herd of Himalayan yaks along with honey bee hives, produce, free-range chickens, and the natural flora and fauna of the Black Hills. Owners Julie and Jim have been supporters of local foods for many years, and their agricultural roots grow deep in the state. Generations of homesteaders have given them a love of the South Dakota way of life, from farm to table.

Tours of the farmstead can be scheduled throughout the year.

Himalayan Yaks


Himalayan Yaks in South Dakota?

We are proud of our small herd of Himalayan  yaks! We chose yaks for a variety of reasons surrounding sustainability.  Yaks are very efficient and have one of the best feed to weight gain ratios for meat animals, resulting in fewer emissions.  Yaks are multipurpose and can be raised to produce meat, fiber, and milk and also be used for packing. Our yaks are grass fed and enjoy local organic hay during the winter, yielding healthy, low fat, and delicious meat. Yaks have been domesticated for more than 5,000 years and make for friendly and entertaining pasture pets. We can’t imagine life without yaks! Guests can schedule a tour and enjoy observing our yaks.



What farm isn’t complete without chickens?

Our lively ladies are busy laying farm fresh eggs year round.  These happy hens spend their days free-ranging  on the farmstead. We also provide them with organic feed and organic grain from South Dakota farmers.  In the winter, they are treated to sprouted organic grain from South Dakota. More than twenty varieties of chickens call Yak Ridge home. They produce delicious and healthy eggs in a variety of sizes and in a rainbow colors, ranging from white, to brown, blue, green, terra cotta, and rose. They also contirbute to the health of the farmstead but eating insect pests and providing nurishing manure which produces compost for our gardens.

Honey Bees


What’s the buzz?

Our honey bees are beneficial for so many reasons.  They produce the most delicious floral honey from wildflowers growing on our property and on the thousands of acres on the adjacent Black Hills National Forest. We are dedicated to being good stewards of the land and Mother Nature’s creatures. In return, our bees produce hundreds of pounds of natural honey each year for us to enjoy and share. They also serve to pollinate local trees and shrubs generating increased fruit for birds and other wildlife. Guests will likely see our bees buzzing about and can learn more about bees and honey production by scheduling a farm tour.


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